Corporate Governance, Investigations and Compliance: “Legal crisis management”


Richard Matthews QC spent five years as a non-executive director on the board of a major international asset manager. He has a deep understanding of corporate governance, regulatory compliance and the needs and responsibilities of Boards in relation to compliance and governance.

Richard has great experience of advising corporations throughout the very often lengthy process of regulatory investigation, inquiry/inquest/court proceedings and considerable experience of assisting non UK based corporations through such a challenging period.

Richard has particularly wide experience in advising corporations during long running police and health and safety investigations into some of UK’s most significant disasters, fatal incidents and safety related incidents, including in sensitive areas engaging nuclear safety, state involvement/negligence and issues of great public concern and interest.

‘He is incredibly bright, unbeatable on the law, and an effortless courtroom advocate; equally effective with judges and juries. He is also is a real team player with a relentless work ethic, and always has an eye on the the big picture strategy. When the stakes are at their highest, he is the man you want on your side.’ (Chambers & Partners [2021])

Richard has previously been commissioned to report to Government/state bodies regarding some of the most sensitive safety related issues and on regulatory and legal issues arising from matters of great public concern; he has similarly been commissioned to report for corporations and organisations concerning issues of corporate governance.

Richard Matthews QC is able to work collaboratively with experts, in-house and external lawyers among others as well as assisting in putting together, and leading, a specialist team, helping manage corporate risk and reputational harm, throughout the arduous process of “legal crisis management”.